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Name: the one I prefer, Lina

Age: 17

Gender: Gal

Dating status: Confused

Sexual orientation: Bi

10 to describe who you are: Confused, depressed, dark, artistic, macrabe, flower-girl-gone-wrong, cat-girl, shy, invirtible, grunge-gal, gamer

Favourite color: any shade of gray or blue

Favourite LJ user: o.O;

Personal style: disordered

Likes/Dislikes: mostly things others don't and do

What is the definition of beauty to you?: What ever is pleasing to the eye or mind in any shape or form

Name a few of your favourite bands: Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, The Used, MGB, Offspring

What is your worst fear: to be forgotten

One interesting fact about you: i wear cat ears

In my own words...:
one odd cookie



then.. there's always this one.


1. Are you a boy/ girl? Girl
2. Age: 17
3. Age you began to cut: 13
4. Does anyone know you cut? yup
5. Does your parent(s)/ guardian(s) know? nope
6. Do you ever burn or bruise yourself? eh, i get enugh of those on accident
7. Do you think that you are depressed? XD clinically
8. Do you think you have anxiety problems? yup, used to
9. Do you think you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? dear god, i hope not
10. Do you have any other disorders? depressive?, i think im bi-polar >>
11. Do you have an eating disorder? no, i just tend to go on non eating sprees cuz i cant taste
12. Are you on meds? (if yes what?) yes, depresion
13. Have you been hospitalized or been to the ER for self injury/ suicide attempt? nope
14. Have you tried to commit suicide? Yes
15. How? pills
16. Does anyone know that you tried? Yup
17. Are you are have you ever been abused in any way? in all ways
18. Have you ever been sexually assaulted? o.O;
19. How ( if you don?t mind saying)...
20. Do you do drugs? (what, how much, how often)? none
21. Do you think of cutting as a good or bad thing?( keep you from trying to die, doing something worse?) c'est la vie
22. Do you wish you could stop? eh
23. Do you wish to stop in the future? its not something ive truly thought about. it comes and goes
24. What are your feelings leading up to, during and after cutting? too many emotions, bliss, normality
25. When you cut does it hurt? all the time
26. Do you bandage your cuts? naw, too lazy
27. Where do you most normally cut? on my bed
28. Please describe it, (color, atmosphere): white walls, no floor, posters and wallscrolls
29. Are you alone? where?
30. Do you have a weapon of choice, do you carry it with you? strait-edge, and yes
31. Have you ever made a weapon out of something ordinary or something you found? henh, never needed to. my pants hold all
32. What have you used to injure yourself? pins, tacs, teeth
33. How do you feel about your cuts/scars, do they tell a story? yeah. and their pretty ^.^
34. Have people ever asked about your cuts/scars? they dont notice
35. What did you tell them? never had to
36. Do you ever show people your cuts/scars? (why or why not and who?) never bother to, i never feel like telling them what they wont get
37. Do you ever design a cut (make it decorative or in a certain shape)? used to
38. Are your cuts lines or in rows, or designs? rows on rows of lines
39. Have you ever cut too deep? defign too deep
40. Have you ever scared yourself while, before or after cutting? scared?
41. Do you go to therapy? eh
42. Do you have trust issues? prolly
43. Do you sit in corners? lol dosent matter
44. Do you know people or hang out with people who cut? used to. then they all died.
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